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RSearch is a social platform created to connect researchers with motivated participants.

RSearch Participant Recruitment For Research
Research Participant Recruitment
Research Participant Recruitment


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Recruit Participants Faster

Effectively Manage Participants

Diversify Your Participant Pool

RSearch provides you with a platform to advertise your research, facilitating the recruitment of participants to improve the speed of data collection. The recruitment of highly motivated participants will facilitate impactful results via decreasing bias and time to complete your study.

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Research Participation Make Money


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Find Studies Near You

Participate In Fun Research

Make Money!

RSearch provides an easy to use platform for you to find studies happening around you. Your participation will help further knowledge in a variety of research areas and you will be reimbursed for your time. Win-win!

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Research Participation Make Money

What Researchers Are Saying

Researcher Recruitment Testimonial

" I highly recommend RSearch as it greatly expedites the recruitment phase of research by providing participants with all the necessary information in one convenient location. Through RSearch I was able to recruit all the participants I needed for my study in a week, where it would normally take up to a month. "

~ Stevie Foglia, McMaster Kinesiology PhD Candidate.