Research Ethics
Values and Purpose
RSearch is dedicated to connecting researchers to participants within their community through ethical and safe practices. The platform complies with standards presented in the 2nd edition of Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical conduct for Research Involving Humans laid out by the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Research Ethics Board. RSearch’s main values align with the aforementioned Policy Statement, where we hold three core principles; Respect for Persons, Concern for Welfare and Justice, above all else. You may refer to the Policy Statement mentioned to learn more about these three core principles, their definitions and implications on participant recruitment and data collection.
Participation in research facilitated by the RSearch website is completely voluntary. Those wishing to participate provide their informed consent to be contacted by the researcher for more information about the study. Furthermore, no researcher may contact any individual with a participant account directly through RSearch with respect to some inclusion criteria (e.g. age, sex). The platform does provide a method for participants to receive notifications about new studies posted within their area, or studies which they may qualify for. These studies are recommended based off of demographic information which the participant willingly fills in, and through a subscription method wherein participants can follow institutions they would like to receive notifications from. Once again, these methods of recommendation are optional and require the individuals informed consent when activating these notifications.
RSearch's Responsibility
RSearch’s responsibility is to provide a platform that is safe and intuitive for participants. Through incorporating methods of notifications, informed consent actionables (actions that require confirmation before submitting data or participating), confidentiality, and continuation of privacy, we provide a safe platform for all individuals willing to search for studies to participate in. RSearch will take necessary action for studies that violate our Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy through improper presentation of information and questionable recruitment practices.
Researcher Responsibility
Researchers are responsible for the contact post-study-inquiry which involves the continuation of privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality. Researchers must obtain informed consent from participants before study participation, as outlined in their Ethics application and approval from their governing Research Ethics Board.
RSearch Data Collection and Storage
RSearch only collects data that individuals are willing to give. This includes the create account fields (name and email), and demographic information that the individual wants to provide to be recommended studies (e.g. age, sex, weight, etc.). None of the demographic information collected contains any confidential health information required to be protected under PIPEDA. The aforementioned data collected is stored on a secure server within Canada hosted by a secure cloud service provider, which does not have access to participation records or stored information.